As a Disneyite, at Times it is Important to Think About and Make an Homage to, the Source of the Disney Universe Who Started it All…

Meet Walt Disney, the Man Who Started it All

What Lead to Our Starting this Club for the Disneyite?

When we made the decision to start a fan club for those like we and you are, the Disneyite, admittedly it was born out of the Disney Cruises. Yes, we had seen many Disney movies and loved them all, but it was the cruises that really clinched things. Maybe it was the the engaging interaction possible with Disney characters, or perhaps it was the joy it brought to all ages?

Gratitude is Key

Whatever it was, we got hooked and started a club to show our fascination and excitement over the Disney Universe. Starting a fan club takes time, but it is well worth it when you believe in what your club was created for. In our instance, it was to put forth our great gratitude that experiences such as Disney existed.

Thanks Mr. Disney

And to think it was started all those years ago by Walt Disney and a mouse he drew. This then evolved into an empire that continues to grow with tremendous innovation, even after Mr. Disney passed. It is quite extraordinary when you think about it, all the facets that together are the Walt Disney Universe. Thank you Mr. Walt Disney for making all of our lives more magical!