Tips for Interacting with Characters on the Disney Cruise

Hi Disneyites! Today we are talking about tips for interacting with Disney Cruise characters. So let’s get started.

AUTOGRAPH BOOK OR SOMETHING TO GET AUTOGRAPHS ON: you need this because if you want to keep the memories aliveĀ  you can use an autograph book or something to get an autograph on like a pillowcase, a notebook or anything else you can think of.

GET THE NAVIGATOR APP: this app says what time things are. It can be used for finding out when there are character meet and greets, seeing when there are activities/parties and you can even chat on the app with the people in your room.

SIGN UP FOR THE PRINCESS GATHERING EARLY: If you sign up for the Princess Gathering you’ll be able to meet four princesses. Even though the Princess Gathering requires an extra fee, it’s worth it. You get to meet the princesses without having to wait that long.

Aye aye Disneyites!