Where Have all the Cruises Gone?

Cruises Gone?

Coming up we are going to take a brief look at Disneyites across the nation who, as we speak, are eagerly saving their ducats to go to sea with Mickey Mouse and friends. Currently the Disney cruises are closed due to the pandemic and June 2021 they MIGHT open again! But when they reopen, sharing the magic (pun intended)  will be quite exciting. Why do people enjoy the Disney cruises so much? Or, for that matter, all things Disney?

So Much to Take in

True fans of Disney are of course known as “Disneyites.” And if you are a Disneyite (or want to become one) membership has never been easier. All you must do is to fully know within yourself that you are a Disneyite. This means you can top into all the happiness, love and magic and memories that occur during a Disney cruise. Or for that matter, all Disney experiences including the theme parks, movies, memorabilia, and Disney+ (Disney Plus).

It is a “Plus” Sensation

And do not forget the wonderful Disney books that are available, to read to your kids or even enjoy on your own! So, as you can see, being a Disneyite does not mean you have blinders on and are looking at just one thing. Being a passionate Disneyite means you are wide open and taking in the opposite of single focus because you see the largeness of the universe, Disney’s universe that is!

Oh, and stay tuned for news on possible Disney Cruises coming this fall!