Disneyites Saving Up for Doing Disney Experiences

To start, Please Read, Important

First, we need to say up front that we are in NO WAY associated with any Disney company. Therefore, we call ourselves Unauthorized Disneyites. Plain and simple we are big fans of Walt Disney and the amazing things that continue to be develop even after his passing. It is no secret that one of our most favorite things to do is to be on a Disney Cruise. This is of course not possible at the current time because we are experiencing a worldwide Pandemic.

Possible Financial Strategies for Disneyites

All we can really do in this age of COVID-19 is to save our money for when Disney Cruises are back. If you are a DIsneyite like we are, you may need some ideas for making money so you can save it and thereby become solvent enough to take a Disney Cruise.

The Following Money-Making Ideas May Take Some Technical Skills

Here now are possible ways that Disneyites can potentially bring in cash to in turn be on board with Mickey. Some of these concepts require a certain amount of technical skill.

Write an eBook

Another thing to consider in the digital domain is to write an eBook covering a “How To” topic that people want information on. You can then easily have your book offered on Amazon as a kindle title. You also have the option to sell your eBook yourself with a website that can bill your customer and then digitally delivering your eBook to them. This is a terrific income stream that has success based on needing to solve an important problem for the reader. Once you set up your digital process, the purchase and delivery of your eBook is totally automated so you can literally sell eBooks while you sleep.

Monetize Online Something You Have a Passion For

Do you have a passion project, something that is meaningful and excites you? Something to consider is taking that passion and making it into a small business or micro business or home business, all of which are essentially the same thing. Your passion project for example would be to sell online tickets for something that people can attend virtually. The topics for this type of program often work best if the subject of the presentation is somehow empowering to the viewer (niche audience). Your target market should have extraordinarily strong feelings about what you are presenting, so much so that they will be motivated to attend digitally.

Become a Real Estate Investor Online

We are going through a time in which it is not always easy to do business in an in-person manner, so if you have always been interested in becoming a real estate investor, you can now do so entirely on the web from the comfort of your own home. Whether you do online of offline real estate investing, the risks are quite similar. Real estate investing can be a tricky business to run and you could lose money. Conversely, there is always a chance you could do well. You might consider investing in REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). Or act with a real estate crowdfunding website. This is something you do at your own risk.

Minnie and company, we hope to see you soon!