Can You be a Senior Citizen and Still be a Disneyite?

Disneyites for Decades

Donald Duck and pals are for the elderly as well of course. In fact, many of those over a certain age can remember the Disney of yesteryear. The pioneering of animation in full length motion pictures. In fact, seniors were Disneyites decades before others.

Disneyites who Know the Classics

Because older individuals feel connected to the magic, there has been talk lately of starting an elderly faction of the Disneyite group. The reason for this is that older people who love Disney films from the old days, can trade comments about their perceptions of these classics.

Disneyites Great Job!

This could very well could spark the interest of other Disneyite who enjoy hearing tales of what it was like going to see Disney animated films. Regardless, congratulations senior citizens for being such avid Disneyites!